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Our 2nd Amendment Rights:

Published Mar. 2013 Road Wheeler Magazine Let’s face it we are living in some very uncertain times, on one hand our government is doing everything it can to make the American people dependent on its government; on the other hand our government is vigorously trying to take our rights away from us. Here are my thoughts on these two topics, the first one the more dependent we become on our government the more control they have over us. Some of the most recent changes giving government control over us would be Health Care Reform, making it very difficult for our veterans to get the medical care that was promised to them, and tax increases. How does the American people gain form any of these? The more our lives are controlled the more control government has on us. I am sure you have all heard of the big push for gun control, some of the things I have heard is a ban on assault weapon, but what they are calling military weapons and weapons of death are not true assault weapons. A true assault weapon is a fully automatic weapon and the AR-15’s are not. They keep referring it to the Sandy Hook Shooting and yes they found an AR-15 in his vehicle but it was not used there. I think if they are going to discuss this they are our country’s leaders they really need to know what they are talking about. Missouri Democrats have introduced legislation to confiscate firearms, how in the world do they even think that will solve anything? Do they think the criminals will turn theirs in? What this will create is it will turn good law abiding citizens into criminals because they are not all going to do as requested and turn in their weapons (would you?). Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws there is, how do you think it is working for them, they have one of the highest gun related crime rates in the US. I was just at a NRA fund raising event in Erlanger and they had to turn people away at the door because of the capacity what a wonderful thing to have a capacity crowd at this event. So many people there to help the NRA help us. If you are in support of the Second Amendment I encourage you to join the NRA they are fighting to keep our rights. I must give a shout out to several of our local Sherriff’s Sheriff Korzenborn of Kenton County, Sheriff Mike Helmig of Boone Co and Sherriff Chuck Dills of Grant County and many more have come out and publically stated they will not enforce any new laws that go against the constitution (the same constitution they were sworn to uphold). I encourage you to let your Legislatures know you oppose any legislation for gun control and if they sponsor any we will do whatever we can do to- see they don’t keep their job next election, you can do this by calling Frankfort at 1-800-372-7181, all you really have to do is tell them you want to leave your Senator a message that you are not in favor on any laws controlling guns or gun ban, if you do not know who your senator is tell the operation where you live and she will tell you who it is and then make sure the message gets to them. They do look theses calls to see what their constituents want. In closing let me say this, we must do whatever we can do to prevent any gun control anywhere in our wonderful country, please get involved and as I said there are several ways to do that. As always I welcome your comments and I thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my article God Bless America! Stay Safe Dan Houston Kentucky, Ohio CCDW Instructor and Trainer

2nd Amendment Rights:

Published Sep. 2012 Road Wheeler Magazine After my August article, I had a lot of people ask, “Who made you mad?” It’s not really who, it was a how – meaning how should our country be treating our veterans? It seems like we are constantly losing our benefits. The benefits promised to us when we served without question. But, you know what? Even though our government keeps taking from our veterans, you will never find anyone more patriotic than the American Veteran. If you raise a flag, play the national anthem or anything like that and look closely to a vet by you, I bet you see a tear in their eye! OK, enough on that, I don’t want my article to become a rant. Let’s get back on track here and talk about what my topic is supposed to be about-- our Second Amendment rights. Since the movie theater shooting, I have had been overwhelmed with phone calls about getting into one of my classes. Calls about do we really have a right to carry if there is a sign saying not to and similar questions. What bothers me the most is, almost instantly, the media starts screaming about gun control. Ladies and gentlemen, gun control is not the answer! Do they not realize an armed nation is a friendly nation? Why, you may ask? If there is a 99% chance that the person that just cut you off on the highway may be armed, it would probably make you think twice about how you retaliate, wouldn’t it? Here is an idea, “Pray for him”.  Pray he makes it where he is going without injuring himself or someone else. In every country that has imposed gun control, crime has not gotten better. But, violent crime has risen about 60%. So again, the question is why? Because only the bad guys now have guns! Us law abiding citizens turned ours in remember! This is all common knowledge. So, why is it the big topic minutes after a shooting? More people are killed each year from motor vehicles. Should we create better motor vehicle controls? “Guess I am still ranting huh?” Your home is your castle right? Did you know you are more likely to be forced to use your gun in your own home than anywhere else? So, I ask, where is your weapon stored in your home? The safest way to store your gun in your home is (test question)? The safest way to store your gun in your home is locked up with the ammunition locked in another location. But, is this the best way to store your gun for personal protection? NO! You and only you can decide the safest way to store your guns to protect your children  and any other people that may be in your home. Home invasions are big today. People are driving around looking for open front doors, open garage doors and even unlocked cars with a garage door opener on the sun visor (this is better than a key to your house). So with this in mind, you and only you can decide the safest place and the safest way to store your guns in your house. The best and safest place is actually on your person but, not too many people like the idea of carrying a weapon on them in their home. Take a lot of time on this one--- you decide where is the safest place in your house. Don’t let someone else tell you what is best. Just remember, it should be accessible to you in an instant in the event you need it. Safety is my biggest topic in my CCDW classes. I cannot imagine how I would feel if one of my grandchildren were killed today because I did not keep my guns safe from them. Hope this makes you think. As always, I welcome your comments or thoughts on my articles. Stay Safe Dan Houston KY. Concealed Carry instructor / Trainer

2nd Amendment Rights: To carry or not to carry

Published Feb. 2012 Road Wheeler Magazine I teach a lot of gun safety classes and Carrying concealed classes so I thought I would share some thoughts and information with you. According to the FBI a violent crime occurs every 22.4 seconds in the US, on top of that home invasions are up 52% (most occurring while residents are in the home), property crimes are committed every 3.5 seconds and on average 207,754 women will be a victim of sexual assault each year (age 12 and over). Approximately 16,272 people are murdered in their homes yearly. During times with a bad economy as we have been in for several years now violent crimes dramatically increase. Are you prepared to defend yourself and or family in the event any of the above violent crimes were to occur? If you have taken the steps to obtain your Carry Concealed Deadly Weapon Course (CCDW) I applaud you, I applaud you for taking the time to learn the legalities of the law that protect you when you carry bit you have also learned how to safely carry, transport and lord forbid use your firearm for self protection. You have committed yourself to several hours of classroom and range time all so you can and will be ready if you or a loved one needs to be protects from a violent crime. I will tell you this, if you ever find yourself in a position that you have to draw your weapon and point it at another human being (even if you do not fire it) your life will change forever. When you are forced to draw a firearm in self defense there will be 100 plus decisions you have to make in your mind and all in a split second. By taking a CCDW class it will help you rationalize all these thoughts, process them and help you make a good decision The second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States gives us as citizens the right to bear arms, and it goes on to state it shall not be infringed on. What are your thoughts “do you think our Second Amendment Rights are being threatened today”. Some of the Anti Gun Control Bills introduced today in our government include the following just to name a few: A ban on all semi automatic weapons Fewer concealed carry permits issued Longer waiting periods A ban on purchasing more than one gun a year Bans on any non-sporting use firearm We need to stand up and defend our Second Amendment Rights, as I stated earlier in this article Violent Crime is high, we need to be legally allowed to protect ourselves and family, NOTE: Violent crime dropped in 4 out of 5 cities where the population is over 100,000 after the state approved CCDW). I would like to encourage you to pursue obtaining your CCDW in turn helping to protect our Second Amendment, Also contact your State Legislatures and tell them you expect them to protect our Second Amendment Rights. I would like to leave you with this thought “The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. In my next article I will discuss the NRA and how it views the Second Amendment and then follow it up with 2012 Republican Candidates views on gun control. Thanks for taking the time to read my article, I welcome any comments Dan Houston KY Dept. Of Justice CCDW Instructor

KY CCDW Class of Dec 27th 2013

On Friday December 27, 2013 we had a Kentucky and Ohio Conceal Carry Class. This class went very well and everyone did  great job. The weather was great about 50 degrees and sunny se we were able to do our range qualification outdoors. For  our January class we may not be so lucky. Congradulations to all. 
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